October 2019 The start of Dahlias by the Dee

Because of the uncertainty of their future, all the mothers plants have been kept indoors all year round this year.

They have had their beautiful flowers cut back early to get a head start on their tuber growth phase. It is sad to see the colour disappear from the greenhouse but it will be worth it in the end!




These are our pot tubers which have been growing since July and are almost ready for sale on our website.





There is still some colour splashed about amongst the sea of green on plant inspection day.

Dahlias by the Dee passed it’s plant health inspection this month and is ready for it’s first year of trading at Eurodahlia.




It has been a hectic start but now we can relax for a while in the greenhouse and wait for the tubers to do their magic while Pip has a snooze and I work on the website and start putting together the 2020 catalogue.