Early Spring

A tour of Station House Nursery in early spring.

 Well with the coldest part of the year now upon us you would expect us to be tucked up and out of the cold weather..But us hardy souls have work to do….
We completed the re-assembly of this seccond hand greenhouse at the beginning of March.






Most of the sales areas are empty as we begin to tidy everywhere up for the start of the spring.








The Stock houses are full to bursting point with stock plants for cuttings of basket plants, and bedding plants.







The propagator is filling up nicely in early February as we begin to take some of the many thousands of cuttings required. Note the dahlia tubers in here are the more awkward ones that have been harder to bring into growth.






 The main dahlia stock house holds at present somewhere in the region of 4,000 tubers for this years young plants.








During the colder months of the year we carry out the repotting and division of our hardy perrenials and shrubs.







Tomato plants are started in march for the mid april and early may sales period.








The sales beds are starting to fill with geraniums, fuchsias and sweet peas for early sales.








As we run low of propagation space we cover other heated benches with a polythene tent to increase our usable space for seed germination and rooting of cuttings.








This is one of 5 propagation benches. this is the largest of all our mist prop bences with a capacity of aproximately 10,000 units per fortnight depending upon the size of plug tray used. at present there are about 6,000 dahlia cuttings on the bench.







 This is one of the dahlia stock benches, tubers where plunged into compost on the benches in november and heating was applied a fortnight later. we have been able to get cuttings from the tubers since the second week of January.