Welcome to the Station House Nurseries Autumn Tour, I am your guide round the Nursery and my name is Sion Jones. We will start with a brief introduction of what is currently being done on  the Nursery and what wonders await


 Opposite are some of the visitors to the nursery!








Unlike the summer tour we are covering a number of months where a lot is being done and there will be pictures of before and after showing Dahlias and Chrysanthemums  in flower and once clearing has begun, in this picture we have started to cut the dahlia plants back to promote tuber growth.






We start as is normal at the top end of the nursery in the top greenhouse. In a normal year we have Christmas flowering Chrysanthemums in here but this year the plants are at the bottom end of the nursery to enable the glass in this greenhouse to be cleaned.


At present we only have Cyclamen and Cut Flowers in here for sale and some winter pansies.



Moving down we see other greenhouses are being cleared ready for cleaning and to reduce our heating bills during the winter months. This greenhouse will be empty of  plants in a few days and the bleach will come out for cleaning the glass.





Further down and here we are looking at our mother plant stock for next year’s spring bedding, note the lighting installed above the benches. This is used to extend the day  length to encourage growth during the dark winter months.






Aah! the grape vine, as usual it has produced a good crop of large hamburg desert grapes. These are sold at the local market provided Barb doesn’t eat them before they get  there.







 The dahlia propagation house is now clear of plants and the hot beds are now being prepared to take the tubers as they are lifted.
Note the heating cables in the bottom of the bed.







 The late chrysanthemums are just comming into flower. the ones in front are Margrets in flower in tunnel 1.








 Early flowering spray chrysanthemums in the new tunnel.








The trials bed showing some of the varieties on trial and some of the seedlings.








The dahlias in all their glory in the main growing grounds. The variety being inspected is L.A.T.E


Mid November and we are lifting tubers, this year we have had to lift a month early due to the large ammount of rain turning the beds into a river.