We supply Dahlias in  a number of different forms.

Our primary method of supplying dahlias is our Super Jumbo Plug, this is a plant produced in a 2 Inch square module with a properly formed root ball. This size of plant will rapidly establish itself in a 5 inch pot in Spring and will be ready to plant out into the garden from early June when the risk of Frost has passed.  This size of plant is nearly always supplied as a Mail Order Plant but may also be collected in this size from our Nursery.

Our second size plants are produced by potting on our Super Jumbo Plug into a 2.5 Inch pot. This size is  reserved for those customers collecting their orders from our Nursery. This size of plant can be planted directly into open ground from early June or as many growers prefer it may be potted on into a 5 Inch pot. The plant can then be planted out in early June.

Our Specimen plants are grown in 3 Litre pots and are available from Early june on a collection only basis. These tend to be mainly the dark leaved varieties and varieties of particular garden interest. These plants can be planted straight out into the garden.

We also sell our Dahlias as fresh cut flowers. Choose your own straight from the field from Late June until late September.

Tubers will be added to the website soon with delivery from December 2019 to March 2020.