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  1. Can you please tell me how I pay on line

    1. if you go to our hompage at http://www.eurodahlia.com and pick the varieties you would like to buy, nb the main variety categories are below the pictures to help you find what you want. click a variety and add to cart adds it to your varieties you want to purchase. once youve done that select checkout and this will bring up a list of what you want to order. select order or buy and then enter your address details and delivery week requirement making shure you also check the terms and conditions box. you will then go to the payments page that will accept payments via paypal, credit/debit cards and cheque and send. the system is designed you take you through the checkout process as easily as possible.

  2. Hello, are you can send dahlias in Lithuania?

  3. Could you send out a at catalogue to me please

    1. we no longer produce a catalogue sorry.

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