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Wishlists and how they work

The wishlist button under a variety on the website allows you to save a wish list of dahlias to our website. If you are logged in as a customer it saves the wishlist to your account for later review and sharing etc.

Un logged in users will find the browser saving the wishlist as a cookie  for retrieval when you next view the website.

Wishlists are deleted at the end of June every year one planting has been completed and flowering is about to begin.

You can delete your wishlists from the system at any time.


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2017 Catalogue

We will continue to use the 2016 catalogue for the remainder of this season. Our prices will remain at last seasons levels until the new 2017/2018 catalogue is released in July. in the meantime you can download a copy of the current catalogue from our downloads page.

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Website downtime

Due to an iminent upgrade to the website to make it more freindly to mobile devices there will be some downtime expected over the comming weeks. This will be timed for the early hours of the morning between 12 and 3 am. This shouldnt cause any disruption as this is normally a quiet period. You will however notice a difference to the layout and logo once we are complete.

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Change to international delivery rates to the EU

Change to International Shipping rates to the EU. I have been able to reduce the cost of international deliveries to our customer in the European Union for small orders of up to 12 plants.
the rates now in use are
1-12 plants £12
over 12 plants £20
the cut off point for the higher delivery price is based on the price jump in the royal mails airmail weight limits.

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Dahlia Fields open from September 5th

Our Dahlia fields will this year be open from Saturday September the 5th. Please note the field has moved from its previous home at the side of the nursery back to it’s original home at the bottom of the nursery. This will involve a long-ish walk of about 1/4 mile. Disabled customers will be allowed to drive down to the field but please be aware it is fairly resrtricted on turning space at the end of the nursery.

We have planted approximately 400 varieties for customers to observe in our trials beds.

Enjoy, pictures will follow.

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week beginning June 8th 2015

This is the last delivery week for 2015 whilst we still have plants available after this week it will be on a collection only basis.

we expect a small number of orders that are still waiting for certain varieties to be shipped beyond this date. If you haven’t received your order by the end of this week please email me and i can let you know the status of your order.